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What grabs your attention the most?

A statement that describes the type of research that brings benefits to mankind......


"There are more than 20,000 protein-coding human genes, and only 2% of these have been targeted with small molecule drugs. Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the assault on the remaining proteins, untouched by drugs until now. If fragment-based screening and other emerging methods for tackling these difficult proteins are successful, we may see a renaissance in the coming decade in the fields of drug discovery and medicine."


Cute Kitten

A picture of an adorable animal?

The adorable critter wins most of the time. It is pretty amazing. You can spend many hours crafting a well written article about something you are passionate about and it seems the only attention you get is from close friends, relatives and the few people that care about your subject.

Then you spend a minute or two to post a picture of something adorable such as a kitten, puppy or any baby animal and you get thousands of likes and visitors to your blog.

Yep! We get and understand this.

It is difficult to generate interest for research in the fields of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics. This type of research takes too long to explain and is difficult to generate “proper outrage” and passion. But please understand, this research is very important for all of us.

We created a nonprofit research organization named SB3 for research in the fields of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics. Our goal is to help find cures to diseases, such as cancer, and help bring personalized medicine closer to reality.

Our goal for SB3 to be as self-sufficient as possible. To do this, we created an Funding Platform named Belkaworks. Belkaworks is a way to help fund research at SB3 and other research organizations.

We would like to generate interest with articles that are related to our mission, some articles of general interest and the occasional adorable animal. We hope to entertain and make you aware of the importance of research in the fields of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics.

We are just at the beginning of a renaissance in the fields of medical research. These is a need for new ways to finance innovative research. Belkaworks and SB3 have been created to take advantage of these times. Our goal is to build an environment where innovation flourishes. We hope you will be a part of this.

Thank you!

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